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SPY x FAMILY Clothing
Spy x Family Merch

The Hit Anime SPY x FAMILY Clothing Is Now Available Shopping Online!

The long-awaited TV anime version of the manga “SPY x FAMILY” serialized in “Shonen Jump Plus” (Shueisha) is airing in 2022. The story is about a skilled spy named <Twilight>, his telepathic daughter Anya, who can read minds, his assassin wife Yor, who hides her true identity from the world and Bond, a dog with the ability to predict the future. 


Long-awaited SPY x FAMILY Clothing are also available.

SPY x FAMILY Clothing


Anya’s various other expressions can be enjoyed in this design. ”I like peanuts. I hate carrots.” is expressed in typography. The back print also features a sneaky look at her favorite peanut.


Bond is a large dog that has gained the ability to predict the future through the “Apple” animal experimentation project. In one incident, he meets Anya Forger, a psychic who can read other people’s minds.


Original design using the opening scene of the cartoon. The TV is from the Forger’s home, creating a retro and cute piece.


Anya, who can read people’s minds, and Bond, a large dog with the ability to predict the future. This original design combines these two supernatural powers. This is a piece that parents and children can enjoy together with the kids’ T-shirt.


The newest addition to the Forger family is Bond, a large dog with the ability to predict the future. The original design features four family members, Loid Forger, Yor Forger, Anya Forger, and Bond Forger, side by side.

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